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Hakuba Snowdrift Lodge 2937-645, Hokujo Hakuba Mura, Kita Azumi gun, Nagano Ken, Japan Postcode 399-9301 Phone:  Dec-Mar +81(0)801-3208757   :  Free pick up between 8am- 8pm phone 070-43748-414 on arrival in Hakuba
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Bar and meals

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Why not make it a package deal and get your meals included?

We’ll throw in a free drink at out bar. Your meals are included and you get your choice from anything on the snowdrift menu or at the nearby Mt Hakuba Bar. See here for more info. 
Free daily breakfast Mt Hakuba Bar                                    Bar meal menu   	Chicken & chips 	  	Fish & chips 		  	Deep fried pork cutlet with Japanese Tonkatsu sauce   	Chicken Katsu Curry		 	Pork Katsu curry	 	Chicken Parmiagan w chips 	 	Spaghetti bolognaise 		 	Vegetarian spaghetti		 	Pork Katsudon			 	Yakiniku don			 	Chicken katsudon 		 	Yakisoba Snowdrift Bar Meals 2016-17            Served 6-9pm  Included if you have booked a package otherwise prices are 800-1,000   Western dishes  	Pizza  o	Supreme o	Bacon and vegetable 	Pasta o	Pasta Creamy mushroom sauce o	Crab in creamy tomato sauce  o	Cream salmon	 	Curry	  o	Butter Chicken o	Indian beef  Japanese dishes  	Okonomiyaki (Savoury Japanese pancake)	 	Ramen (Japanese noodles) o	Champmon (vegies, egg and seafood) o	Soy sauce (Pork & egg) 	Yaki onigiri (Roasted rice balls) 	Oyako don (Chicken & egg in Japanese sauce) 	Gyudon ( Sliced beef & onion in Japanese sauce) 	Chahan. Prawn fried rice Japanese style w miso soup