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Hakuba Snowdrift Lodge 2937-645, Hokujo Hakuba Mura, Kita Azumi gun, Nagano Ken, Japan Postcode 399-9301 Phone:  Dec-Mar +81(0)801-3208757   :  Free pick up between 8am- 8pm phone 070-43748-414 on arrival in Hakuba

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Snowdrift Lodge Location   Our   lodge   is   located   in   the upper   section   of   Echoland   in Hakuba,   just   a   1   minute   walk away   from   the   main   street   of Echoland    with    all    the    bars and   restaurants   close   by,   but away     from     the     late     night noise.   There   is   bus   stop   just 1   minute   walk   away   for   the   free   shuttle   bus   that   goes   to all of the ski resorts.
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Access from Tokyo to Hakuba Snowdrift Ski Lodge

Arriving by car

We   are   located   in   the   Echoland   district   of   Hakuba,   which   is   where most   of   the   nightlife   is.   By   car   we   are   a   5   minute   drive   from Hakuba   Train   Station   and   a   5   minute   drive   to   either   of   Hakuba 47/Goryu   or   Happone   Ski   areas.   If   you   are   coming   in   your   own car   we   can   be   found   by   going   up   the   main   Echoland   Road   in Hakuba      till   you   reach   the   roundabout,   then   turn   right   and   we   are 20   metres   along   on   the   left   hand   side.   Please   note   that   whilst there   is   an   ATM   that   accepts   all   international   visa   cards   only   a short   walk   from   the   lodge   non   visa   credit   card   holders   will   have to   go   to   the   post   office   near   the   station.   It   is   recommended   you bring sufficient cash to tide you over.
Access from Osaka to hakuba Snowdrift Ski Lodges

Access by other means

Arriving by shuttle bus from the airport We   recommend   Nagano   Snow   shuttle   if   you   are   coming   directly from   the   airport   and   not   stopping   in   at   Tokyo.      They   will   drop   off directly   at   the   lodge-   very   handy   if   you   are   coming   in   on   a   late flight,   and   their   bus   terminal   is   at   the   bottom   of   Echoland,   just   a   5 - 10 min walk from the lodge. Cost is only ¥9,500 yen each way. Arriving by public transport or from other places in Japan If    you    are    coming    to    Hakuba    via    somewhere    other    than    the airports,   such   as   Tokyo   or   Kyoto   or      you   wish   to   make   your   own way   by   public   transport,   then   look   at   the   Ski   Hakuba   website    for     detailed information, prices and timetables on how to do this.
Getting from the station to Hakuba Ski Lodges

From Hakuba/Bus Station

Between 8 and 8pm  If you would like to take advantage of our free pick up please call mobile phone number 070-43748- 414 on arrival in Hakuba. Before 8am or after 8pm From the train station by taxi it is about 1,300 yen to the lodge or a 40 min walk. From the Hakuba Happo bus terminal it is a half hour walk (flat), or a 1,000 yen taxi trip.
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