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Hakuba Snowdrift Lodge 2937-645, Hokujo Hakuba Mura, Kita Azumi gun, Nagano Ken, Japan Postcode 399-9301 Phone:  Dec-Mar +81(0)801-3208757   :  Free pick up between 8am- 8pm phone 070-43748-414 on arrival in Hakuba
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4-6 person dorm rooms

Our dormitories are spacious rooms designed for backpackers with their budget in mind. Beds are bunk beds but mattresses are all good quality innerspring. Will you be in a 4 or 6 person dorm? Wherever possible groups of 4 people or less will be allocated to a 4 person room. Groups of 5 or 6 people will be allocated to a 6 person room. If unavailable you will allocated to whatever rooms are available but we will try and keep you together. Click on the buttons below to get mpre details about the other rooms.
Double/Single rooms Double/Single rooms Twin rooms Twin rooms 3-4 person rooms 3-4 person rooms
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